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Quality is the most important thing for us

Quality is the most important thing for us. We scrupulously follow the standards in order to effectively develop the company and ensure full satisfaction of our customers.

"Quality is the sum of the details that make the best version of a product. "

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Experienced technologists

We have experienced technologists equipped with modern R&D facilities. This allows us to effectively follow global trends, improve our products and provide a tailored offer.

Experienced technologists

Quality in every process


    We select reliable suppliers who meet the highest standards.


    We check the quality of suppliers confirmed by the certificate at each delivery.


    We check every stage of production in detail.


    We focus on development, therefore our employees benefit from a wide range of training courses.

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    We are responsible for every product that is made in our company.

Modern laboratory

We have modern laboratories for quality control where passionate people meet. Thanks to their experience and the latest testing equipment, a complete and repeatable product always comes into the hands of the customer.

Modern laboratory


While creating our sweets, we use the most advanced technologies. We use:

  1. Automated production park.
  2. Innovative production lines:
    • The MUFFIN and COOKIES line - designed and built with the desired ("American") characteristics of end products in mind.
    • YEAST and PUFF PASTRY designed to recreate the characteristic production processes of products.
    • FOR FRIED PRODUCTS - purchased from a renowned equipment manufacturer, based on the most desirable technology for the production of fried products.
  3. Latest developments in robotics and device control.


In our production parks we use many innovative solutions in technology, production, storage and product logistics.

We have the most important international certificates, thanks to which we can guarantee the highest quality and safety of production.



IFS. International Food Safety Standard developed in 2002 by representatives of German retail trade. This is a standard commonly recognised in whole Western Europe (except for the UK, where a BRC standard is in force).


BRC International food safety standard which was developed in 1998 by British Retail Consortium (UK). BRC is a set of recommendations and guidelines for companies operating in the food industry, in particular hypermarkets (mainly British ones) and private-label companies. If a company obtains a BRC certificate for the whole brand of products or for a specific product of the brand, this is a guarantee that the product has successfully passed specialised tests and inspections and is of high quality and safe for consumers.


HACCP  is a systematic approach aimed at ensuring safe and healthy food through the identification and estimation of a scale of hazards to food safety from the point of view of health quality and risks of such hazards during all food production and distribution stages. This is also a system that is to define methods of limiting hazards and specifying remedy actions.

The Codex Alimentarus, as a top international body and authority in the field of food, defines the HACCP system as a system which:
- Identifies
- Evaluates
- Controls hazards which are significant for food safety.


UTZ Raw materials coming from sustainable crops are marked in this way. The choice of a product marked with the UTZ sign means a real chance for sustainable development of agriculture and processing where economic interest matches high ethical and environmental standards.


HALAL confirms compliance with product production, packing and storage requirements in the Muslim culture and guarantees that products are manufactured in accordance with Islamic standards. In Muslim law HALAL defines permitted things and activities.


RSPO We are a responsible company that takes care of the natural environment and does not contribute to the degradation of tropical forests.